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Artist Statement

Recently, I saw an Inness landscape at the GRAM. I was deeply moved by the power the painting had to stir such strong emotions in me. Was it that I was looking at a tree or was I looking at how Inness felt when he saw the tree? I think this is what I find so exciting about painting. I don’t have to describe in words what I can express through an image. Sometimes I use animals as guides to lead me into this other world free from verbal description.

About Mary Ann

Mary Ann was born in rural Michigan in 1962. She was raised on a cash crop farm. Her family grew navy beans, wheat, corn, oats and alfalfa. Mary Ann enjoyed farm life. She liked to be outside riding her horse, doing chores or working in the fields. Winter days were often spent in the farm shop. Her father, a gifted builder, taught Mary Ann how to weld and work with wood. He would often take a piece of chalk and draw out plans on the cement floor. This is where Mary Ann’s love for making things began. After graduating from college Mary Ann made her way back to the farm where she grew up. She lives there now with her husband, son, two horses, one dog and many cats.